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Welcome (English)

Welcome to the site with the most spirits


Our café offers more than 400 different brands of jenever (Dutch gin), a small museum, the Borrelmuseum (borrel = small drink) and a lot of other nice drinks from all over the world.

(We also serve beer(s), coffee, tea and soft drinks)

You are always welcome to taste them and if you want I can tell the story or history behind every one of them.

As a speciality in our café we offer a ‘drieluikje’,

a set of three types or brands of jenever

If you want to see how jenever was and is made (in English), take a  look at the short film Genever In the Netherlands (bit further down)I made for the Australian market.

Schiedam, you may not only see, smell and hear,

but at Jeneverie ‘t Spul you can taste Schiedam as well!!!

Be sure to do so in our small café at the Hoogstraat 92 (Highstreet)

in the centre of the old town.

Your visit to Schiedam will not be complete until you have visited

Jeneverie ´t Spul

 The link for the film:

Genever in the Netherlands you can see on:

We look forward to welcoming you,

Robert and Ineke van Klaarwater (= Clearwater)